Life, an extended exploration from design, Utilizing spatial objects to satisfy our desire for belonging; The human touch and feel are embodied around every corner of our dwelling, Continues to convey people’s ideal and dream of their safe haven, Inspiring the happiness when the inner self-aspiration is realized.

Long-lasting furniture, Carries every cherishing and memorable moments; Miscellaneous process in production won’t stop our pursuit in quality, Persistence is what makes our furniture everlasting, Living by your side through every worthy moments of your life, From now till forever

Taiwan’s very own designer and customized furniture brand – Shan Bao; Cleverly transforming our passion and observation of life, To fill the space up with full of surprises and inspirational designs; The vigor of creativity has given traditional craft a brand new form, Ceaseless attempts in the creation of original and humane designs, Staying ahead to fulfill everyone’s needs and desire for their ideal home.

Dream Fulfilling Craftsmanship.


1995 Qualified International Standard ISO-9002
2001 Qualified ECO Symbol
2002 Qualified International Standard ISO-14001
2012 MIT SMILE Symbol
2013 Continue to apply for Green Building Material certificate

With dedication to Energy Saving and Carbon Reduction, we use low-formaldehyde eco plastic plywood. With every 1 ton of production, it increases 2% of wood usage. During production, our team pays extra attention to saw dust, waste wood, defective good, and PVC in order to make sure there’s no pollution result. What’s more, after production, we grind and pack above items, transfer them to legitimate organic fertilizer treatment. We make sure that the waste material would be recycled and put into good use for our environment. We hope to bring a better world for everyone on this planet. SHENBAO is devoted to make a difference.


In 2013, SHENBAO continue acquiring Green Building Material Certification, our company holds the spirit of providing a non-poison and low-pollution environment. We adopt heat- resistant and low-formaldehyde boards in order to offer our clients a lifestyle of health and sustainability.

The SHENBAO series is made of European or imported E1-V313 material. Customer can also assign our award winning EO series material, which is environmental friendly product.